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Can Cannabis Improve Exercise

Using cannabis as a workout enhancer has been a passive idea for an extended period. Many people had doubts about its ability to improve exercise performance. Researchers, however, found that marijuana has a lot of benefits for athletes.

The Frontiers in Public health are the recent publishers to write about the importance of cannabis in enhancing athletes’ performance.

A survey conducted by the University of Colorado that included 605 participants found that more than 81.7% of the number used marijuana before and after the exercises. Below is an ultimate list of ways through which cannabis helps to improve training.

1. Reduced Inflammations

Hand holding bottle of Cannabis oil against Marijuana plant

Studies show that CBD can reduce both muscle and joint swelling. Marijuana contains the nonpsychoactive Cannabinoid, which helps to ease inflammation. Inflammation is among the challenges that can make it hard for an athlete to exercise comfortably.

2. Ability to alleviate pain

Cannabis does also have the power to ease pain and soreness. It helps to reduce the pain that comes as a result of chronic illnesses and muscle spasms.

The reason they are preferable is the fact that they are less likely to form an addiction as the opiates do. Zach Scioli is an advocate for the use of cannabis in alleviating pain.

3. Increased Focus

The exercise calls for concentration, and that is possible if you have an ideal mental acuity. That helps you to stay focus on your training or run. As a result, it enables you to improve on your exercising activities.

Warning Points


When you use marijuana to improve your exercise plan, it is healthy if you don’t smoke. The inhaled smoke damages the lungs, and this lowers your athletic performance. It can also cause impaired motor skills if used in high doses. The user does also suffer the risk of increased chronic depression. hop over to for a chance to learn more.

Final Verdict

Cannabis can be of great help in efforts to improve your exercise. It, however, needs you to observe doctor’s prescriptions to ensure you take only the correct dose. That is the secret to using cannabis to improve exercise.