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Thanks for stopping by the Cast Party Organization website. We have decided to push through with the Podcast event again this year due to the requests of the fans out there. We are overwhelmed by the insistent demand that is why we are even considering making this an annual occurrence to give way to more fun and happiness for the fans. We are overwhelmed by how you support the festival and we are pleased to do our best to give you more. If you want to be notified of the schedule of the festival or if you have any questions you need us to answer, then please email us at


If you think we can do more to improve further the performances and regulations of the podcast festival, we encourage you to send your suggestions to us. Send us an email via We love to hear all of your thoughts and suggestions about the event we host every year. Rest assured that we’ll consider your messages as a huge help to our organization. Please know that we will reply to all of your messages promptly.


Thank you so much for browsing through our website. We hope you’ve enjoyed your time here. We look forward to meeting you at the festival. See you soon!