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Is It Ok To Date Before Divorce Is Final

In most cases, your attorney will advise refraining from dating until the divorce is finalized. This is so because; Legal, financial, physiological, and emotional matters are at stake during the divorce process. It would be best if you considered the following factors as you plan on dating before the divorce is final.

Advantages of Dating Before the Divorce is Finalized

• You Get the Chance to Meet Someone New- A divorce happens because you and your spouse seem to have hit a dead end. You can meet someone new on the local free dating site, social events, or you can carry on with your new-found love at the support group.

Couple Meeting

• Boosts Your Self-Esteem- After staying in a marriage for several years, you might face a relatively challenging time getting a new date. Dating a new person can boost your self-esteem and help you forget evils of the past as you see the world from a new perspective.

• You Can Meet Someone with A Similar Plight- Sharing your problem can help you arrive at the solution faster. While going through the divorce, you can get guidance from a spouse that has also gone through a divorce.

Disadvantages of Dating Before the Divorce is Finalized

• Your spouse can File the Divorce under the allegation of adultery. Adultery is gross marital misconduct in many States. The allegation of adultery affects the ruling of judges in most states on the matters of property division, child custody, and spousal support.

• It Might Break Family Ties- when you start seeing someone new before the divorce is final, you shall have lots of explaining to do. Unfortunately, your kids might see you as the villain and avoid spending more time with you after the divorce.

When to Date Before the Divorce is Finalized

• When you Mutually Agree to Divorce- You can agree to move on with your love life, allowing your spouse also to do so. Your spouse must have agreed not to use the allegations of adultery against you in the divorce proceedings.


The Bottom line, dating is a personal choice. However, during the divorce process, you should heed caution from your attorney because it might affect the final ruling. However, you can mutually agree with your spouse to move on while you are going through the divorce.