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Cast Party Organization has created a testimonial page for everyone who wants to leave a comment about their experiences in attending the Podcast Festival. All the comments you will be reading below are honest and true messages coming from real people. We do not pay them to alter nor send their feedback in the comment section.


Rayver: Podcast fans here! I’ve never missed a single show of Podcast Festival weekly. Every week has a new performance and new podcasters. If the podcaster comes back again on the stage the week after, it’s because the podcast performance must be a series, so it should continue. Every week my friends and I are spending the night with laughter and fun and that’s how we enjoy our weekend nights for the whole year. You may find it weird, but yeah we are used to attending the festival and watch the live podcast show on stage. Until next week, Cast Party! Thank you for the wonderful show.


Cassandra: I am not a fan of the podcast. I’d rather read a book than listening to it. One time my friend ask me to join her in the podcast festival, I said yes just to accompany her. At first, I thought it’s going to be boring the whole night but I was wrong. I find myself laughing my heart out in one the acts that night. But that’s not the only thing I’ve found out, the interesting stories and information made me think while leaving the venue.


Bea: Amazing Podcast Festival! Thank you Cast Party for giving this such a great event weekly. Many people are love to listen to Podcast and so do I, so I’ve watched the show twice and all I can say about your festival is truly an amazing show. I used to listen to the podcast on my phone and now I am not only listening to it, I am watching it live right before my eyes. They were so amazing!