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About Us

About Us
Due to insistent public demand, Podcasters is once again hitting the stage for a one-year festival that is full of fun, nationwide!

Cast Party is a nonprofit organization holding an event for the podcast community. The event is running for one year every week in different theaters nationwide. This festival has sought not only to entertain but to educate the people especially the young ones using the latest technology app called a podcast. The podcast is an audio file recorder uses to record your voice to share information. Most business owners are using this podcast to inform their audiences about their latest products and what they’re currently developing. But today, not only business owners are using it, even the organizations and individuals are utilizing it to educate and entertain their followers, members and audiences.

Since 2010, Cast Party is striving to pull the same podcast event year after year. The reason is to give exposure to the podcast community and for the podcasters to educate their listeners, share to them important information and entertain them live on stage via podcast festival. We believe that there is a high-quality podcast show in the nation, so we want to bring many of them to the weekly’s night performance that is full of fun, knowledge, laughter and interesting stories. This is also a great way to encourage the listeners to meet each other and meet the voices behind the popular podcast you are listening to.

If you are looking for the fun event every weekend nights, then come and join us in the Cast Party’s The Podcast Festival. To see the schedule of shows, we suggest to visit our website regularly and see what we’re up to. For further details, kindly send us an email.

We want to thank you for following us on our website! We hope you’d continue to support us.