Fall parties are fall parties at their best. – Cast Party

Fall parties are fall parties at their best.

When fall leaves begin to change, who can resist the brilliant amber, crimson, and gold leaves that crown our trees and fall gently to line the fall landscape? Here are a few reasons why I think I’m so in love with all things fall.

Light gusts of wind sweep up swirling golden leaves as the sweet scent of pinecones and the tart aroma of apple cider fill the air. It is a virtual feast for butterflies, sparrows, and other creatures large and small. The harvest season has arrived, and it is time to carefully store our bounty for the long winter.

There are so many creative ways to do this. Canning batches of apple butter, jam, jelly, and chutney recipes is fun. Pumpkin butter and pickled carrots with sweet onion. cranberry sauce and pickled beets. YUM!

There is no more beautiful place than my childhood in Maryland. After 42 years, it is still the same quaint and cosy bay with its wide, curving row of trees that soars above our shady lane, Lawina Road, where I walked my dog every afternoon.

This is also the season of the autumn festivals. Creativity knows no bounds at these special fall events. Unlike any other season, each artisan presentation has its own way of inspiring warmth and connection with nature.

The most magical season of the year

What is it about autumn? Maybe it’s the toasted caramelised nuts and toasted granola clusters with sweet and tart cranberry raisins sprinkled all over. The freshly baked oatmeal raisin cookies or maybe the spicy smell of sweet potato pie and pumpkin cakes that fill our noses and tickle our tongues. And if that wasn’t enough, it should definitely be the smell of warm apple cider, corn wine, and pancakes covered in maple syrup as ham crackles on an outdoor grill. Yes, it’s fall festival time again!

Autumn Decor

I love seeing the creative crafts made every year at shows and shops. Butterflies are made from preserved golden maple leaves and twigs. Dried fall naturals are incorporated into decorative arrangements such as table centrepieces and door wreaths. Button-eyed smiley scarecrows in jeans made from dried corn on the cob.

Wall art made of hay, pinecones, dried flowers and berries. The carvings, stone etchings, and paintings of beautiful autumn scenes are perhaps the most beautiful you have ever imagined. It’s no surprise that autumn inspired some of the most beautiful works of art, music, novels, and poetry.

Family Reunion Planning Month

At this time of year, families come together to provide much-needed support, encouragement, and inspiration. This led to a relatively new and exciting concept in family reunification planning. An annual celebration founded in 2005 by a 400-member family reunion planning group who agreed that November is the best time of year to begin planning family reunions.

Fall is when extended families get together, so it’s a great time to talk about and decide on dates and activities for the next family reunion.

The fall months from November to December are the ideal times of the year to get together with family and share recipes, photos, and videos of all the milestones, achievements, and good times from the past and present. It’s an ideal time to put together family slideshows, videos, and family reunion memories.

During this time, the older relatives like to keep the family traditions alive and well. Some may make their own proclamations. Others focus on games, storytelling, baking, and crafts.

Do you want to get the most out of the fall season? Plan your own family get-together or community party and have the best time of the year.