Phoenix Events serves a potpourri of cultures. – Cast Party

Phoenix Events serves a potpourri of cultures.

Phoenix, Arizona is home to a diverse culture, art, and food, all with a Southwestern flair. If you visit the city of Phoenix, chances are you will find more than enough to pass your time as there always seems to be something happening in this Arizona city.

Some of the Phoenix events that you can attend when you visit Phoenix are the following:

Hopi Art Festival.

Phoenix is home to the Hopi Indians, and the Hopi Art Festival is something you may want to see when you visit Phoenix. Many people come to Phoenix for the Hopi Art Festival, which takes place the first full week of November each year, beginning on Sunday on Roosevelt Row. The downtown Phoenix art scene is buzzing all the time, and there is usually something to see when you visit Roosevelt Row.

The Phoenix Jewish Film Festival

Every February, the Phoenix Jewish Film Festival shows films based on Jewish experiences. The Jewish Film Festival takes place the first weekend in February at the Herberger Theater Center in downtown Phoenix. The Phoenix Jewish Film Festival is almost 20 years old.

Glass Beads Display

The second weekend in March, it’s time for the annual Glass Bead Show at the Phoenix Convention Center. People who make their own jewellery or collect beads come from miles around to get glass beads during this show that showcases glass beads made not only in the bead factories of Arizona but all over the West. The Glass Bead Show is one of the largest bead shows in the country.

Broadway Tribute Fest.

The Broadway Palm Dinner Theater has been home to Broadway musicals for years and now has a special tribute party that takes place on the first weekend in April every year. Anyone who wants a taste of Broadway at dinner can attend this annual event that has been a success for five years at the Broadway Palm Dinner Theater in nearby Mesa.

art walk

Every weekend in July is set aside for the Art Walk through Roosevelt Row and through the surrounding art districts. The Art Walk showcases the work of all kinds of local artists, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, jewellery design, and more. The art walk is something that many budding artists like to be a part of as it can help them get their artwork discovered.

Cowboy Day Celebration

The Cowboy Days party pays tribute to cowboys from long ago and is held every year on the last weekend in September at the Phoenix Fair and Rodeo Grounds. It is around this time that the area begins to cool down, although Arizona usually has a very warm climate year-round. You’ll find the Cowboy Days Fest with a mini rodeo, food, and even a carnival, fun for the whole family. It is an event that has been going on in Phoenix for at least 30 years.

Events in Phoenix, Arizona are multicultural and offer just about something for everyone. There are many small festivals and events throughout the year that take place at the fairgrounds or in the convention center. Chances are, no matter what kind of event you want, you’ll be able to find it when you visit Phoenix.